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"Hog Helper" Rubber Mats

For more productive, more efficient hog operations

It is estimated than an average of 2 piglets per litter are lost during the period from birth through weaning (farrowing) due to chilling, crushing, disease, and starvation. Hog Helper Rubber mats keep crates warm, dry, safe, and clean.

Absorb and retain heat

When used on raised and slatted floor systems or in crates, these natural rubber mats absorb and retain heat (as well as from overhead spot heaters and other artificial heating sources) to keep your litter warm and dry from farrowing through finishing. In many cases, you can reduce the heater size or lower the temperature for greater efficiency and smaller bills.

Eliminate drafts

Hog Helper mats insulate slatted floors, which eliminates chilling drafts, resulting in a warm surface that provides better creep comfort. This attracts piglets to sleep away from the sow and it greatly reduces crush kill. Using a double layer of mats in the center position raises the sow for easier access to teats for nursing.

Improved footing and safety

The low profile traction surface of Hog Helper Mats provides improved animal footing and safety. This reduces spraddle leg and knee abrasions, which ultimately enables piglets and sows to move about easily and comfortably. Easily installed over any existing surface, these non-porous natural mats will not absorb or retain moisture or urine, clean quickly, are easily disinfected, and will not harbor disease. The underside has a hollowed recess panel for faster draining and promotes better air flow for ventilation.


Hog Helper

3.28’ x 4.92’ x 5/8”


Specially designed for finishing and breeding areas, the circular-patterned top surface combines sure footing traction with flow-through drainage, and ¼” nubs on the underside allow fluids to run to the drainage areas. Made of durable genuine rubber, these are a must for manure recovery systems.

- 48” x 72” x 5/8” thick

Please note: All thicknesses are approximate.

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